Scienceofdoom:: Ghosts of Climates Past is proving a real boom. I came across this article at Scienceofdoom. I can’t remember which way they swing on the debate, but the article is well written and a subject I’m interested in. Available at: Ghosts of Climates Past – Thirteen – Terminator II January 23, 2014 by scienceofdoom In Eleven – End of […]

Survey on participants of climate debate

The Scottish Climate & Energy Forum have been working to produce a survey on the background of participants in the climate debate. Now, after some excellent feedback, the survey is ready. The url is: Please help us by filling in the survey and passing onto all those who are interested in climate on line. […]

Found: missing heat – but I'm leaving academics in the cold.

After a “And Then There’s Physics” article exchange about the “pause”, I got to thinking where I might find “the missing heat” – or as politicians would put it “the economy’s growing – it’s just we can’t see it”. In other words, I don’t hold much to hocus pocus science and post factum certainties that […]