The Citizen Scientist : a paradigm shift in Science.

After several conversations regarding my article: “The Citizen Scientist“, I am beginning think this may possibly be the most important article I have ever written about the climate debate. What I suggested is that sceptics can be considered as a community of citizen scientists, people from outside academia with an interest in science, joined together […]

Twas the day after Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas, and all round the house, lay sleepy children as quiet as a mouse. The table top covered, in tools and batteries, as I try to make the pound shop things, work as they should be. The women out shopping, What on earth is that about? The men sitting round chatting, […]

Predictability of Weather & Climate

I bought Tim Palmer’s book “predictability of Weather & Climate”, to find out how climate scientists dealt with noise. This is it: Essentially there are three reasons why forecasts are uncertain: uncertainty in the observations used to define initial state, uncertainty in the model used to assimilate the observations and to make forecasts, and uncertainty […]