Greenpeace: "climate conference … was a waste of energy,"

Nigeria: Climate Talks in Warsaw ‘A Waste of Energy’ The United Nations, UN, climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, have ended with activists disappointed that the quest for climate justice had become even more elusive. The COP19 – the 19th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – ended on November 23 […]

Rachel: Bury the Carbon Problem?

Rachel: I am wondering what people over here think of Myles Allen’s proposal to bury the carbon problem? – Has there been any discussion in the blogosphere about it from bloggers who do not accept the IPCC consensus? Feel free to comment at

Global Warming Scam – an economic and social autoimmune disease?

There are a whole series of diseases from simple allergies to some form of arthritis where the normal behaviour of the body’s immune system somehow stops just attacking foreign invaders and instead starts attacking the body’s own tissues as if it were a foreign matter. I see much similarity in the way academics now attack […]

The crap they are discussing at Warsaw

Clause 13 of the “follow any messiah which offers them money text“: FurtherinvitesPartiestostrengthenand,whereappropriate,developinstitutionsandnetworksattheregionalandnationallevels,especiallyinparticularlyvulnerabledevelopingcountries,toenhancetheimplementationofrelevantapproachestoaddressinglossanddamageinamannerthatiscountry-driven,encouragescooperationandcoordinationbetweenrelevantstakeholdersandimprovestheflowofinformation;   And it doesn’t make much more sense with the spaces: Further invites Parties to strengthen and, where appropriate, develop institutions and networks at the regional and national levels, especially in particularly vulnerable developing countries, to enhance the implementation of relevant approaches […]

Warsaw comedy

I have never more wanted the BBC to be impartial on climate, because the comedy potential of these latest talks is just astounding. It would be a cross between blackadder, The thick of it, Dad’s army and that one on the olympic games organisers. I would certainly have a character who spends the whole conference […]