John Harrison Award for greatest and worst contribution to climate science

This now includes the suggestions below. Thanks to those who made suggestions. Inevitably it is still going to have missed people like e.g. the journalist Delingpole and the many contributors in WUWT – sorry if you are one. Please add suggestions to the comments. Year Greatest Contribution Worst Contribution 2012 Peter Gleick for showing the […]

The Heartland Institute Sends Legal Notices to Publishers of Faked and Stolen Documents

(N.B.  Technically this is breach of copyright … but the intention appears to be dissemination … so I think they will forgive me) February 19, 2012 Joseph Bast FEBRUARY 19 — The Heartland Institute has sent legal notices to numerous Web sites, blogs, and publications asking them to take down the stolen and forged documents […]

Big Oil Money for Me, But Not for Thee

Note. The following has been reproduced without permission from this site: who I have not been able to contact as yet to ask permission. February 17, 2012 By Donna Laframboise The Sierra Club takes fossil fuel money. So does the Nature Conservancy and Rajendra Pachauri’s sustainability conference. So why is the Heartland Institute being […]

Clmategate vs. deniergate, fake-gate or sucker-gate

Note: I’m having problems getting the table formatting to display the internal grid, but I’m going to post now, rather than wait to work out how to get around this. The following is a comparison of the climategate and Heartland document release. I chose to compare them using the criteria provided by the PCC.  As […]