Met says … 2011 hottest year on record … Lies, damned Lies and Met Office Statistics?

Apparently, when you take Met Office data on climate, they find: It’s been the warmest year UK It’s been the wettest year in Scotland. So,  very simple question for any Scot (given the dreadful summer and Autumn), is … how on earth has it been so hot UK wide when Scotland has been so cold […]

Time to celebrate Global Warming!

Champagne is entering a third great phase of sales success according to Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger. Pierre-Emmanuel also spoke of the positive benefits from climate change on Champagne production when addressing those at the masterclass, which was held in London’s Vintner’s Hall, and organised by the Institute of Masters of Wine. “The last 10 years have been […]

Proposal for voluntary compliance of FOI law by sceptics

I would like to float an idea. It is only an idea, as I have not thought out the full ramifications – just looking for comments. We are constantly seeing government paid alarmists denying their obligation under FOI law to disclose relevant information. Given the limited budget of sceptics, there is only so much action […]