First Meeting of Sceptic Associaton 8th October

Anyone interested in forming a Scottish association to educate our politicians about the exaggerated claims of Global Warming is invited to attend a meeting Near Stirling  from 2 – 4pm on Saturday 8th October.

The intention is to have a relatively informal meeting of like minded people to work out how we might best coordinate our work to maximise our effectiveness and start making a difference in Scotland.

To book your place and receive further details please contact: mike2011 [at] or contact me via the contact or comment form.

The meeting will be free, but I will ask for donations to cost cover tea, coffee and biscuits.

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10 Responses to First Meeting of Sceptic Associaton 8th October

  1. PaulH from Barcelona says:

    Well done Mike. I’d love to be there but unfortunately can’t be as I’m working in Barcelona at the moment.

    I’d be happy to throw a hundred quid into the pot to cover a few costs to help get the new association rolling. If this appeals, get in touch via my email.

  2. David Bailey says:

    That is great news – I wonder if you could get a notice in the local press – you might get a bigger response than you think!

  3. Latimer Alder says:

    As a regular visitor to Stirling – but only for three or four days every month, I’d love to be an associate member. And if you could do something to get rid of all the windmills around Cambusbarron and Fintry and Callendar it woudl be great too.

  4. Gook luck with the meeting I hope we can work together. I keep at list of all the key policy documents, books and poll data you and your new members might like for your files.

    Populus poll June 2011 A reality check: Just 25% agree with low carbon energy

    Q10. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
    ‘It is vital to stick to Government plans for creating a low carbon power industry even if it means higher bills.

    SUM: Agree 25%

    Strongly agree 4%
    Somewhat agree 21%
    Neither agree nor disagree 33%
    Somewhat disagree 29%
    Strongly disagree 13%

    SUM: Disagree 42%

    Britons Question Global Warming More Than Americans and Canadians
    The biggest change since last year comes in Britain, where only 40 per cent of respondents would protect the environment (-11) and 33 per cent would prefer to foster economic growth (+11). Full Report, Detailed Tables and Methodology (PDF)

    Climate Check: an analysis of the government’s delivery of its low carbon commitments

    The Truth About Greenhouse Gases by Professor William Happer GWPF

    NIPCC Vs IPCC Addressing the Disparity between Climate Models and Observations:
    Testing the Hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

    Manipulation of the Science by Prof W.J.R.Alexander Pr. Eng.

    A critical assessment of current climate science Prof. W.J.R. Alexander Pr Eng.

    The Green Mirage report by John Constable CVITAS

    Financing the Green Deal: Carrots, sticks and the Green Investment Bank by E3G (Third Generational Environmentalism) May 2011

    The Cumulative Impact of Climate Change Policies on UK Energy Intensive Industries – Update Against New Government Policy A summary report for The Energy Intensive Users Group Prepared by Waters Wye Associates

    Government climate-change policy confused, counter-productive and economically damaging IEA (Institute of Economic Affairs)

    Analysis of UK Wind Power Generation report March 2011, by John Muir Trust

    Hot Air: The carbon price floor in the UK by Dominic Maxwell, June 2011 IPPR, Institute for Public Policy Research

    The Really Inconvenient Truth or “It Ain’t Necessarily So” by Lord Andrew Turnbull, GWPF.

    Shale Gas Shock by Matt Ridley, GWPF (Global Warming Policy Foundation)

    Hockey Stick Illusion: Climategate and the Corruption of Science by A.W. Montford.
    Let Then Eat Carbon by Matt Sinclair.
    Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming by Lord Nigel Lawson.
    Farraris for All by Daniel Ben-Ami
    Green Capitalism: Manufacturing scarcity in the age of abundance by James Heartfield.
    The Enemies Of Progress: The Dangers of Sustainability by Austin Williams.
    Politics of Fear by Frank Furedi
    Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the greenhouse gas theory, Dr Tim Ball et al.
    CHILL: A Reassessment of Global Warming Theory by Peter Taylor.
    While the Earth Endures:Creation, Cosmology and Climate Change by Rev. Philip Foster.
    The Rational Optimist, by Matt Ridley.

  5. Latimer Alder says:

    Please enrol me as an Associate Member of the group. Though normally resident in Surrey, I spend three nights near Stirling every month, but sadly will not be there on the date you suggest. More power to your elbows…Wee Eck is clearly completely bonkers on the topic of renewable energy, and the man Broon is still at large in Kirkcaldy. Seems to me there is a lot of work to do.

  6. Anthony Watts says:

    Good for you, have fun, stay positive, and keep it about facts.

  7. Jim Petrie says:

    Love to join you but can’t, as I now live in Brisbane, Australia.
    Keep me informed!
    Jim Petrie

  8. David Brain says:

    Sounds like a great idea! Is anything happening elsewhere in the country. I live in Somerset..

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