Al Gored in Edinburgh

I see we have the “pleasure” of hosting Al Gored, in Edinburgh on 27-28Sept at the EICC.
And as far as I can see the Scottish & UK government are footing some of the bill through Scottish “Enterprise” and the RBS (government owned)
Now if anyone could give me the £774.00 to get in to the dinner, I could ask gore some of the questions he doesn’t want to answer.
Time to execute special plan WIS/K1 – and don’t forget to bring the dihydrogen monoxide!
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4 Responses to Al Gored in Edinburgh

  1. Stonyground says:

    I presume that he will be crossing the Atlantic in some kind of sailing vessel. I’m sure that he wouln’t want to come by jet, think of all the carbon emissions.

  2. Axel says:

    Oh, please no —
    Scotland’s answer to Al Capone, Sal Mondo will meet and greet the Great Climate Huckster at the airport, where they will alight the non-existant fantasy tram, and regale one another with tales of doom and catastrophe. Perhaps engaging even in a friendly game of “guess the weight o’ ma’ wallet”. Then Sal Mondo will wine and dine the “Man-Bear-Pig”, on sumptuous fare served on gilded platters, at the expense of the hard pressed Scots taxpayer, in a rent free luxurious residence, in “Embra’s” famous Charlotte Square, before heading off for a “Wee Dram”, at the bonnie Castle.
    Hoots mon, och aye the noo, ye ken pal, and ye’ll damn well like it !!!
    It’s a brawe bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht & etc.
    Utter balderdash and fatuous grandstanding by the ignorant SNP. (Sieg Heil Mine Herr)
    Oh for Gawd’s sake just see the many videos and other materials at the wabsicht linked to the name Axel above. We collate the best stuff so as you don’t have to. Eclectic mix. Arcane stuff.

  3. RoyFOMR says:

    It pleasures my heart to hear that our Dear Leader is planning to grace our shores by keynoting the Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference.
    Not since the Diet of Worms in 1521 where Luther defended the reformation has Europe hosted such a prestigious person. Let none remark unfavourably as to the juxtaposition of the words “Diet” and “Worms” when relating to His Grace.
    This is an Historic Occasion. Having been stung by the Darien Experience the Scots led by elected representatives are determined to make amends and embrace the New Reality.
    Scotland free (of Carbon) by Diddly dee.
    God grant me the bounty of £774.00 so that I can kiss the feet of the profit ($buh)

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