It’s Global warming desperation

Just did a search for global warming news and the air is thick with desperation.

Rising flood risk ‘being ignored’ – in other words people don’t care about it any more

Australia May Kill Farting Camels To Curb Global Warming – global warming is a bit of a laugh

Gibbons: Like it or not, planet is warming – in other words: even though most people don’t believe it anymore there’s some “scientist” studying gibbons who is under the delusion that jumping on the global warming bandwagon is good for their career.

Bill McKibben Talks Global Warning, New Book In Mother Jones - what?

How global warming affects your health – OK, we admit you can’t see it, nor feel it, so lets  try to persuade you it still is affecting you by some mystic power that affects your health.

Students Must Rally Against Global Warming – Oh dear, not even the students are willing to have a day off lectures to go on a global warming march … obviously all the sexy students are going on other marches!

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