Global warming decline – A timeline!

As I was reading through the article on the collapses of the carbon market, I suddenly realised that there now exists a tangible timeline for the collapse of the global warming scam.

As I posted before, the replacement for the Kyoto treaty is dead because the US refuses to take part in the treaty, and Russia, Japan and Canada said at the recent G8 meeting they would not continue under Kyoto. What I hadn’t realised is that this all comes to a head in 2012 when the Kyoto treaty expires.

No wonder the carbon markets are so jittery, because without Kyoto there really isn’t any meaning to a “global” carbon market, and without a global market, all these carbon trading schemes do is to penalise home producers and effectively subsidies foreign manufacturers exporting jobs, wealth, power and political influence.

On top of that, next year the IPCC have promised a report on the trend on extremes of weather. Now, if the previous reports are anything to go by, this will be the same greenwashed garbage as before; only this time, the evidence that there is no trends in extreme weather is so damningly obvious that no amount of greenwash can hide it. This time, no one except a right idiot is going to fooled by another “idiots politicians guide to global warming science”.

And father nature seems to be adding his help as global temperatures in the first quarter seem to be amongst the lowest in a decade.

That all adds to a trend where the public and media are no longer being fooled by repeated cries of “wolf” at every abnormal bit of weather, where the run of the mill scientists now view climate “science” with the same “interest” as craniology or paranormal “research”.

That all seems to create a realistic pathway leading to the demise of this scam, so that I can now very tentatively give a prediction of the timeline of the demise of global warming.

2011 … continued steady decline, growing lack of interest by the main stream media verging on open discontent. Mainstream politicians actively avoid voicing support, but shy away from overt scepticism.

2012 … End of Kyoto and the overt greenwashing of the IPCC report results in open hostility by MSM (except the Guardian and BBC). A growing number of mainstream politicians actively question global warming.

2013/14 … lack of political support begins to be expressed as a change of policy. Most legislation implementing policy are watered down leaving a cosmetic shell with no teeth.

2015+ New elections bring in new politicians with no personal attachment to previous policy initiatives. Over the next few years most legislation “combating global warming” is quietly dropped.

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3 Responses to Global warming decline – A timeline!

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    The happy end of 2012 will see a great impact on climate alarmism.

    The western public have a problem separating the excitement of disaster movies from the real hardship of genuine disasters. A bubble of disaster excitement was built up prior to the Millennium which then segued into 2012 TEOTWAWKI anticipation. Along the way we had Y2K, bird flu, SARS, The Day After Tomorrow and of course global warming. People who experience no real dangers in their lives actually like being a bit scared.

    But in a movie there is a known end point. When the allotted time is over, the hero wins the day and everyone goes back to their normal lives. Many see global warming as the same. They all just have to believe enough (like Tinkerbell) and it’ll all be ok. There will be an end point where they can stop worrying. There is one obvious date for that.

    2012 will come and go without major incident. There will be no more big, end of the world dates. Catastrophe will be so Yesterday! More, it will be so the Day Before Yesterday. Well at least until the next manufactured panic. By 2013, everyone will realise that changing a few light bulbs, a staycation and recycling their newspapers doesn’t bring the price of energy down. CAGW isn’t just for Christmas it’s forever. To which the public will react with ‘no thanks, the movie is over, we just want to get back to mindless consumerism now’.

  2. Stonyground says:

    I think that trying to predict the future is always a bad idea because those who have attempted this feat have almost always come to grief. At least you have shown the courage to fix dates to your predictions, AGW alarmists often avoid doing so because every time that they have, they have ended up looking like idiots.

    Interstingly, I recently came across a film that was made in the early sixties that predicted webcams and online shopping. The comments contained a link to an article written in the early nineties that managed to get just about everything about the internet wrong, the sixties film certainly was an exception to the general rule about predicting the future being a bad idea.

  3. Neil Craig says:

    One problem is, as regulation of the nuclear industry shows, the regulatory ratchet tends to work only 1 way. Government employees like regulating thjings – it goves them jobs and power. So we may be decafds getting rid of all the laws brought in to stop “catastrophic warming”.

    The other is that there will be anonther in the “endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary” that government like to keep us obedient with. If it isn’t global warming then “climate change” can mean more floods or more droughts, both already promised. or indeed it may be time for another cooling scare. The eco and government parasites need something.

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