Global Warming Game – Fate of the World

Well, it had to come. Now there is a new game which is bound to thrill teenagers particularly as it is produced with the “support of top climate scientists including Professor Myles Allen and Dr Cameron Hepburn amongst others and Lord David Puttnam” (who?)
The game called “Fate of the World” is supposed to be “a dramatic global strategy game covering the next two centuries, from 2020 to 2200, in which the player must find a way to protect Earth’s ever-depleting resources and climate whilst reconciling the needs of a growing world population who demand more food, power, and living space. Time is running out”
Available only for PC, “… Fate of the World has four challenging missions with over 40 hours of compelling gameplay covering 12 regions and steeped in the latest climate science.”
…. yawn, the eye lids are closing ….. ZZZzzzz  ZZZZZzzzzzzz!

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2 Responses to Global Warming Game – Fate of the World

  1. Feeeeeeel the propaganda.
    No I’m only joking. This is probably isn’t cleverly teaching our kids to accept the reality and validity of man made global warming as a (literal) ‘no brainer’. Just like the new monopoly game probably isn’t teaching them to accept a cashless society controlled by a faceless monolithic one world banking system and high tech ‘global governance’ society where you really are just a number, not a free man.
    The sad thing is this game (the global warming one) could just as likely have all the best intentions behind it…. such is the effect of two decades of propaganda to create this consensus reality we now live in where official state sponsored hearsay wins every time over such things as: unproven science, proven to be wrong science, ambiguous-at-best science, incriminating emails, fraudulent hockey stick graphs, factually incorrect scare mongering movies, mutinying IPCC scientists, fake IPPC scientists (scientists who didn’t even *know* their names had been added to the consensus), ice caps melting on other planets and moons in our solar system, ten years of cooling, new evidence pointing out the possible threat of a mini ice age (I kid you not), a hundred quotesas well as published books and documents explaining exactly what the whole scam is really about….. etc
    Great blog BTW fellow Scottish Sceptic, I have you bookmarked ……..
    Do check out my (brand spanking new) blog if you get the time blah blah…. 😉

  2. Angus MacKay says:

    It’s a surprisingly fun game dude.

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