How Green and Sustainable is Wind?

With recent announcements of plans to use forestry commission land for yet more industrial wind complexes, Scotland is going to see further areas of former green forest cleared to make way for foreign wind machines.
The real irony, is that if you wanted green energy, then the trees themselves are far better at capturing natural renewable energy than these foreign produced monstrosities which are quite rightly called “bird mincers”! Has anyone ever heard of a tree killing a bird?
We in Scotland live in an upside down world, where the biggest single climatic affect is the deaths of thousands of elderly over the winter, yet the government would have us increase fuel costs in a vane attempt to make the climate colder; green natural home-grown energy sources like trees are being cut down to make way for foreign bird killing machines, and far from promoting tourism which is one of the main industries in Scotland, the government seem hell bent to destroy the natural landscape which is one of the main attraction for those tourists.
But we’ve got to be sustainable”

Of course, we have to be sustainable. The world economy would simply grind to a halt if we consumed all the resources and left nothing for future generations. But there’s far more to sustainability than the left-wing anti-capitalist greenwash of the current government’s policies.
Delve into sustainability and you’ll find that there are three key areas:

  • Economy
  • Society
  • Environment

The idea of sustainability is really an economic concept developed from the failure of several third world aid projects when economic development led to social and environmental problems which in themselves cause more economic problems. E.g. there were projects that invested in modern farming techniques. These led to deforestation, which in turn led to top soils being washed away, rivers being clogged up and overall the economic impact of the third world aid led to more problems than it solved. So, the idea grew that in assessing third world aid, that there should be a more holistic approach. That the economy shouldn’t be viewed in isolation from the environment and society.
So, what have now got? We have environmental policies which are harming local communities depending on tourism, which are taxing Scotland to pay for foreign produced wind turbines and all for what benefit to Scotland? It’s the same unsustainable policies, except this time a fixation with environmental projects is ignoring the huge and obvious social and economic impacts on Scotland.

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